The Baltimore Maryland Bridge collapsed when it was hit by a ship loaded with containers

A mile-long bridge has collapsed after a cargo ship crashed into one of its pillars overnight in Baltimore Maryland.

According to the fire department, 2 people have been rescued. and 20 people may still be in the water, the fire brigade continues to try to evacuate.Among them are workers working on the bridge.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge is a steel bridge approximately 2.5 kilometers long. The Patapsco River that lies above it is an important transportation route. Along with the Port of Baltimore, the river is vital to the transportation of goods on the East Coast of the United States.2 people have been rescued from the water, the fire brigade said. One of them was in very serious condition and was immediately taken to hospital. Research using sonar also confirmed that the car had fallen into the water.

According to The New York Times, several helicopters were active in the area searching for victims. Meanwhile, the state has imposed a “no fly” zone, meaning planes and drones are not allowed to fly around the disaster site. so that rescue helicopters can search for missing people from the air without any problems.

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