Subhashree Link Viral – Subhashree Link, a figure little known outside Indian historical circles, was one of the figures who had a major influence on the Indian independence movement. Even though his name may not be as famous as Gandhi or Nehru, his extraordinary contribution in liberating India from British colonial rule is worthy of being discovered and appreciated.

Who is Subhashree Link?

Subhashree Link, born in 1897 in Bengal, India, was an Indian revolutionary who played an important role in the independence movement. However, its existence is often forgotten in the official Indian historical narrative. He played a key role in uniting and mobilizing the masses to fight British colonialism.

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Struggle and Contribution

Subhashree Link is a staunch and dedicated activist. He founded the revolutionary group “Azad Hind Fauj” whose aim was to fight colonialism by any means necessary. During that time, his revolutionary actions inspired many young Indians to join the struggle against oppression.

One of the important moments in the history of the Indian independence movement was when Subhashree Link led the “Red Army” which fought against the British on various fronts. He also founded the Indian National Congress abroad to fight for India’s independence.

Influence and Legacy

Despite continuing to fight for India’s independence, Subhashree Link’s presence is not as noticed or acknowledged as it should be. However, his enthusiasm to fight colonialism has left a strong legacy in the history of India’s struggle for independence.

Subhashree Link shows how important active resistance was in achieving independence, and how her spirit influenced subsequent generations to continue fighting for justice and independence.

The Importance of Remembering Subhashree Link

Remembering and honoring figures like Subhashree Link is a must. Even though his name may be forgotten in official history, his great contribution and enthusiasm in fighting colonialism must be immortalized.

A tribute to Subhashree Link’s role in India’s freedom movement will not only pay fitting tribute, but will also inspire the younger generation to take an active role in the struggle for freedom, justice and unity.


Subhashree Link, like other figures in the history of the freedom struggle, is a figure who should be remembered as a pioneer in the struggle for India’s independence. His tireless spirit to fight oppression should be an inspiration for all of us to continue fighting for the values of freedom and justice.

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